Why Make the Move?


High-rise living can be a very exciting and enjoyable lifestyle, including luxury services and amenities not available in most traditional homes. But is it really the most fitting choice for your everyday life?

Here are a few questions we get at Museum Tower from people considering a move to the high-rise lifestyle.


Q: I live in an 8,000-square-foot house. If I move to a luxury high-rise condo, what do I do with all my stuff?

A: With a new phase of life comes an incredible opportunity to liberate oneself from the extraneous. The fact is that most people only use a limited amount of space in their homes on a regular basis. Our residents relish starting anew, gaining an extraordinary condo space that overlooks Downtown Dallas and brings the entire Arts District within walking distance.


Q: Will it still feel like home?

A: A high-rise condo is every bit as much of a home as the traditional house you may be leaving. It’s really all about the personal stamp you put on your private space and how you enjoy the special qualities of your neighborhood. At Museum Tower, we offer a variety of flexible floor plans. Plus every residence has its own private entrance, courtesy of secure elevators that whisk you directly to your front door.


Q: What are the advantages of living in a high-rise condo?

A: It’s easy and affords you the time to focus on the important things. At Museum Tower, residents never have to worry about details like pool maintenance or hail damage to the roof, and our service staff can attend to many of your everyday needs. Whether it’s assisting with an event or having your favorite meal delivered to your home before you return from a trip, you’re able to experience many memorable days.


Q: Do I have to give up the feel of living in a neighborhood?

A: For residents at Museum Tower, neighborhood gatherings are just as important as they were when they lived in a traditional neighborhood. Residents come together for weekly happy hours, invite their neighbors to personal events and frequently enjoy nights out on the town together. This group of influencers and out-of-the-box thinkers thrives on being connected to their community and their world.